Empty or void space in eCommerce  shipments is what Arteria Network converts into media inventory.


We pay you to utilize that inventory, increasing income on customer orders, plus help you surprise and delight  your customers.

Surprise and Delight


Surprise and delight your customers with free, contextually relevant "gifts".

Increase Profitability


Fulfillment is expensive! We've lived it. Utilize your excess capacity, get paid!

Drive Engagement


Build better customer relationships by creating opportunities to engage them.

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How It Works

Profile your Customers, and define your capabilities


Start by telling us who your customers are, and we’ll make sure the placements are relevant for them! Retailers with  advanced targeting and re-marketing capabilities are in greater demand and earn more money!

earn More on orders, and Increase Profitability


You get paid for every package we place something in! Retail partners have been able to recoup fulfillment costs by up 230% in working with Arteria Network. We love cutting checks to our retail partners!

our Double Opt-In Process

Ensures Brand Fit


It's crucial that what our brand partners pay to place in your shipments is  relevant to your customers and on-brand for you, as a retailer. We surface offers from interested brands, and you decide.

Streamlined Logistics, and seamless program execution


Brands bulk ship samples or inserts to your point of fulfillment, whether it's a 3PL or your own Distribution Center. We manage the logistics and inventory. All you need to do is place the samples or inserts in boxes.

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How We Help Retailers

About us

Arteria Network converts eCommerce shipments into advertising infrastructure.


We allow brands to reach their target consumers, in home, with 100% open rates.


We help retailers to "surprise and delight" their customers while offsetting costs.

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