Drive Qualified Traffic


Drive traffic to your website, eCommerce store, a social profile, or any other site.

Develop CRM Capabilities


Collect contact information like emails, SMS numbers, addresses, and more.

Discover Audience Insights


Gain insights from your target audience  that enable data-drive decisions,

Increase Sales Volume


Drive attributable sales online or in-store, through your preferred retailers.

Improve Audience Targeting


Refine best performing audiences, and increase ROAS by optimizing spend.

Drive Social Amplification


Spark and amplify conversation about your brand on social media platforms.

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What You Get

Product sampling generally leads to very high conversions. With our advanced targeting and digital re-marketing capabilities, our partners enjoy unparalleled results.

Open Rate


Trial Rate


Conversion Rate


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How It Works

Define Audience and Goals


There's a lot Arteria can help you achieve. First, our brand partners identify what their goals are and who they want to target. From there, the platform begins designing campaigns optimized for performance.

Review Results and OptimIze


Campaigns don't end with placement, as the platform offers digital capabilities that enable you to reach the same exact people you featured your  samples or inserts to, unlocking the most qualified audience you can reach .

Match with retail Channels


After Arteria matches you with retail partners that reach your audience and can deliver on your goals, the platform's double opt-in process ensures you and retail partners are happy with placement.

Streamline Logistics


Brands bulk ship samples or inserts to the point of fulfillment, where our retail partners place them in the appropriate shipments. Arteria coordinates logistics to ensure campaign execution is seamless.

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Arteria Network allows brands to reach their target consumers, in home, with 100% open rates. Our capabilities and services for brands include:

How We Help Brands

About us

Arteria Network converts eCommerce shipments into advertising infrastructure.


We allow brands to reach their target consumers, in home, with 100% open rates.


We help retailers to "surprise and delight" their customers while offsetting costs.

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